Sunday, November 9, 2014

Not Skipping A Beat

Hello delightful,

This week was a great sign to me that even with the lull in things that I'm able to pick the ball back up and go running as if nothing ever got in the way. I finished a dress and started a second, finished three steps in mysterious mysteries, and created the first in a series of custom spool bead patterns.

First off is my ocean-themed dress. She doesn't have her final photos yet, but as soon as she does she'll be listed for sale in my Etsy Store. This beauty used seven shades of blue, green, and purple, four shades of cream and tan, real copper accents, and white. She took all of twenty and a half hours to create. She's meant to mimic the ocean cresting on the beach sands, rolling colors and all. She's based on a color palette and photo from Design Seeds.

The second dress started this week is none other than Princess Peach Toadstool! She's had four hours of pattern drawing and five-and-a-half hours of bead time. I'm currently working on drawing out the rest of her skirt though I suspect that will take a long while to get all the details in accurately.

Last on the project list (since I won't be spoiling mysterious mysteries!) is the spool work I've been playing with today. I tried peyote in both directions, as I've seen done before, but then I thought, "hey! I should just make my own patterns!" And, hence, the progress you see now. This is just a prototype but the plan is to make lots of geometrical patterns and sell them on Etsy. So far, so good.

Next week should bring about the finishing of at least drawing Peach's skirt pattern, though I'm uncertain if I'll be able to start beading it before next Sunday. I'll be working more on these spools and all around staying busy.

Until then,
Ashley Mae


  1. So glad to see you back on track - that dress is just gorgeous, Peach is getting really pretty and those spools look interesting as well! Can't wait to see your progress this week!