Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Busy Week

Hello artsy types,

This week was spent mostly working on the final touches for mysterious mysteries, which means I can't post about them. This is also a post from my iPad so the formatting will be slightly weird until I can fix that. [Fixed 12/13/14]

First off is the finale of my angel ornament, originally meant for the stitchingpirates ornament exchange. I fell in love with her though and couldn't live with myself if I sent her away... even if it did make someone else happy to receive.
I put in another six hours volunteering at the local art club yesterday, for an event where you meet the artist while you shop. Next year I hope I'll be part of it instead of just taking attendance!

Last thing today was a bit of miniature cobbling. I made fourteen pairs of soles, to be beaded as soon as possible. What I learned today was that copper is much, much harder to cut than aluminum or brass. Really hurt my hand going at it but in the end the copper is much shinier and prettier than the other two (and twice as costly).
Until next week,
Ashley Mae


  1. to say it hurts my hands just thinking about how many of those you did today!!!

  2. Shoes, wonderful shoes,
    That art festival looks awesome have fun with the volunteering and learn lots so you'll be ready for the spotlight next year.

  3. Angel is pretty, and those shoes are so cute, can't wait to see them beaded and done!