Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sleeping All Day Makes for Less Work Done

Hello my sleepy crafters,

My sleep schedule knows no limits and it would seem that I am back in the reverse schedule this week where I doze come sunrise and wake at sunset. I have no excuses or reasons for it, it's just what seems to happen over a period of time and hopefully next week I'll be back on society-acceptable sleeping patterns. As such, the progress on artwork this week has been placed more on planning stages than actual working.

The first thing this week is that my friend Renee received her mystery project in the mail that she totally knew nothing about at all, not a bit. The full details are posted via deviantART.

[Click here for deviantART]
My bead supplies came in for Monochrome Eumelia and Princess Peach but the white wasn't correct so they're both on hold until I can get the correction made. I ordered rainbow luster white matte, you see, thinking that the matte would be a bit dull but acceptable as long as it rainbow'd... not so, however. The matte makes them look like regular plain white beads and that's useless to me. The ladies at Simply Beads USA are very nice though and are going to let me return the matte beads and are placing an order for non-matte beads.

Princess Peach is having some issues herself when it comes to planning. You might've seen on Facebook that I was having difficulty picking the correct shades of pink to use. The seed bead world works against me in many ways, one of which is a limitation of pink selection. Sure sure, you can find a dozen shades of "bubblegum" or "ballerina", even a few under "magenta" and "dusty rose", but do you know that all these adjectives make it very difficult to just search "pink seed beads" and find anything worth while? Insert a heavy sigh because even going through twenty pages of seed beads comprised of mostly blue and green shades trying to find a perfect shade of pink has left me with a continued search.
All Peach belongs to Nintendo, I don't own these images.
The other thing I'm dealing with is that despite the hundreds of Peach images I have saved to my computer (not much of an addiction really) I had never noticed before how subtle her dress color changes from game to game. Pink, sure, always. But the coloring is apparently never consistent. GraniteFire told me, "just do what makes you happy!", but does accuracy make me happier than using my favorite shade of pink? I'm still weighing in. I definitely want the structure and pattern-ing of the new Super Smash dress, but the coloring...

Another layer is finding matching size 15s to go with any of the size 11s in the photo above. The bag of beads to the right if my favorite selection right now for her bustles and trim. Unfortunately I only have it in 11 (it's a transparent dark-pink with a rainbow coating). My favorite for the main dress is the bottom tube but that 3-inch tube costs quite a bit more than a regular 6-inch tube because they are permanent finish dark pink opalized blahblahblah expensive beads and I'll need at least two more tubes if I decide to use them. But the 15's are a light pink... not dark... which means, yes, they don't match and will look like stripes. I can't win, you know. The top baggies are from Carla. Two baggies are transparent so I probably won't be able to use them, the third bag is a solid rainbow coated pink that I would really love to use for the Super Smash center but -- yes! -- no 15's to match!! Furthermore, screenshots of Peach in the new game shows that piece there in the front to be white - not light pink - which has me referring back to GF telling me to "do what I like". Is nothing ever easy...

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The last thing I have to report on today is my Sunflower Ballerina. I'm ridiculously proud of her and have created a concept sketch of how the hem will be transformed into flower petals instead of the straight edge. I really want it to work, please work beads.

I've used five different colors in the bodice to create the black/goldish/browns look that the sunflower has. Debating on if the "under petals" will be a different shade of yellow or the same, we shall see!

Here's hoping to a proper ending to all of these planned pieces,
Ashley Mae


  1. Tinkerbell is cute, I love how you work with glittery and/or metallic threads, those are still driving me nuts to no end :D

    I understand your struggle of choosing JUST the right colors - although it's much easier with DMC threads as there are more to choose from, and there is more of a 'standard' to them then to beads, I still know the feeling of 'maybe I should have gone for the other shade' which is NOT what you want to feel halfway through a time consuming project. So take your time, better to be safe than sorry with this kind of stuff.

    Last but not least, your sun flower dress is looking lovely so far - is it still to early to think about creating a whole collection of dresses inspired by flowers? ^_^

    btw, I wore mini-Eumelia yesterday, and she's sooo pretty, I received lots of positve comments on her :D

  2. It almost sounds like even thought it's a little annoying you are having fun with the creative process of figuring things out! If I come across more pink beads I will certainly send them your way :)

    I really LOVE the sunflower and cannot wait to see the end result of that one!

  3. I made a comment on this this morning, apparently the universe ate it. Bad universe!
    It went something alone the lines of - I agree with Leonore, you need to start planning flower dresses because that would be amazing.