Sunday, August 24, 2014


Hello artsy types,

This week wasn't entirely empty, but it is without a lot of chatter. I've finished the background on Mirabilia's Dressmaker's Daughter: Spring this week and started the actual dress. I also found a page from a magazine instructing how Mirabilia wants beads done!! This is a huge help since nobody else (even Mirabilia) has been able to provide instructions for that to me before.

I've ordered some Judikins Diamond Glaze since I'm told it works great for the project I have in mind (quite secret) and some much-needed beading needles. Ten needles have lasted me through 26 dresses, but they're a mysterious Japanese kind. Hopefully the new needles will do just as well for me, but we won't know till they get here! Next week the shiny rainbow white beads will be ready for me to buy and I'll be able to pick up some other beads I've been needing. At that point I'll be able to start the monochrome Eumelia, Princess Peach, and the secret project.

Otherwise, I have a great deal of personal time to spend on some gifts, at least four dresses planned, and more money to put out on supplies! There is a bit of super awesome side excitement, but I don't want to announce it before I know it's true! So difficult to keep it all to myself...

Hopefully a great deal of progress photos next week,
Ashley Mae


  1. I have already begun speculating on the secret project and only have one great idea as to what it is, but in a bit I'm confident that Nancy and I will have thought of a few more!!

  2. Can't wait to find out all your secrets, but in a good, not creepy way

  3. I agree with Carla and Nancy about finding out your secrets; you seem to always keep a lot of those and that's really making thing exciting! Can't wait to see all of your new projects and more progress on that dress, of course ^_^