Sunday, September 7, 2014

WIP: Mirabilia's Dressmaker's Daughter (Almost Done!)

Hello my crafting friends!

This past week has been very busy behind the scenes and the main focus on art has been beading Mirabilia's. I did a lot, I swear, from sunrise to sunset I've been on the move every day, but as I sit down to type this I'm finding it hard to pin it all down.

I'm over halfway done so far on the beading! I'm at 17 hours.

I did five hours of volunteer work at the local art club this week and received a giant two boxes of beads from Bev! I didn't open them to see until it was too dark for photos, but trust me she sent me enough for mannnnny dresses, it'll last for years. I'm so so happy about it!

I spent two hours working on Princess Peach's bodice pattern this morning too, and I wish I could show it off to you without revealing all my pattern work! I'm still missing bead colors for her so I won't be able to do much with it yet but I like getting ahead.

Until next Sunday my stitching friends,
Ashley Mae


  1. You've done so much this week she looks so beautiful, and you're even saving my favorite till last.

  2. I didn't believe it, but the beading really is making the dresses even prettier than before - great work!

  3. They are looking soo pretty! ^_^ I agree with Leonore, those beads are adding so much to these dresses. :)

  4. I really REALLY love this project and being able to see it as you go along has been such a gift! I'm crafting through you right now! The itch to stitch has been really strong but packing and moving take a front seat :( Please continue showing more and just know you are right on the edge of being done!