Sunday, January 25, 2015

Princess Peach - Finished and Loved

Hello Nintendo fans,

It's true! Finally, after months of planning and work, my Princess Peach pattern (based on her Super Smash Brothers design) has come to a successful end. The lovely GraniteFire designed me a watermark that I've used for the first time on Peach's photos.

You can read the full description on deviantART.

Now that I have her pattern drawn, saved, and so forth, it leaves room to do custom orders in the future. My next project with this will most likely be Princess Daisy since she will give me a very accurate price range. Peach's 32.5 hour mark is probably not too far off from accuracy but because she was in the design stages undoubtedly when I get to Daisy I will be faster!

Of course, Peach has many other color schemes to pick from with Super Smash Bros.'s palette swaps, and I'm sure everyone will want to pick from their favorites at some point!

Here's a special extra photo of Peach's back, which is quite inaccurate from her Super Smash dress's design, but does match the majority of her other designs.

Until next time,
Ashley Mae


  1. Even the backside has incredible detail! This girl is magnificent and really shows how skilled and talented you are.

  2. I agree with Carla, I think she's by far the most detailed, amazing pattern you've ever done. I really hope you'll be able to sell someting made from this pattern after putting so much work into it!

  3. Yup, I adore her here too, such talent you have.

  4. Wow the back is wonderful too! well done! :D