Monday, August 31, 2015

More Mucha Patterns + Tons of Tiny and D.E.S.I.G.N. for August

Hi crafters!

This month leads me to the most exciting news that Hannah-Alexander has allowed me to create a second set of patterns based on her Mucha fanart: Tinkerbell, Esmerelda, and Mulan. It is very likely that I will be able to do more patterns based on more princesses in the future, as long as all these go well (which I'm very confident that they will). These patterns will be of similar size and difficulty to the first set so that everything matches (wouldn't it just be glorious to have all of them stitched and hanging together on a wall of their own?!). You can buy the current set, and the future set, via my Etsy store. Currently I'm just awaiting the non-watermarked artwork from Hannah to start work. Until then, the full plate I presented to you last month has shrunk just a bit.

First up is Tons of Tiny and D.E.S.I.G.N.

What project are you working on this month? A semi-custom pattern based and modified from two other patterns by deviantART's NevaSirenda. I removed the hands, feet, and head, thereby changing it into a mannequin. Then I recolored where the neck was and hand-drew a cute little stand for the bottom (stitched in Kreinik of course).

Have you stitched a project by this designer before? It's possible as she does patterns for Just Cross-Stitch magazine! But I don't know for certain.

Would you buy/stitch a design by this designer again? Why/Why not? Yes! Her patterns are wonderful and cover all skill levels.

What made you choose this particular design/designer? I really wanted to do one of her dresses but I was unhappy with the patriotic nature of them. Since everything else I've worked on this month is too large for Tons of Tiny (and it would've been slightly awkward to feature myself for D.E.S.I.G.N.) I chose to get this project done now.

Did you notice anything that distinguished this designer from others? Her patterns are cute, well done, and well colored. They're quick to stitch and the result is really beautiful. You might say - hold on - this is your modification! But trust me, I inspected the USA and Canada dresses and knew if I had gone with them the result would have been even more lovely than this pink counterpart.

[On deviantART]
On the Nintendo Princess front, Glasmond requested her final stitched piece to be the gold outline version which is very helpful for creating some final photo previews. Normally I would not offer (or accept) to give such a large piece away for nothing. But she has told me she's going to display the finished, framed piece in her shop along with my business cards. And since her shop is amazing and my friends overseas have really been there, I am going to do it as an investment. I am whole-heartedly against the whole "pay for your art with exposure" business, believe me. But in this case, Glasmond has allowed me to create a pattern from her work with unlimited copies available (for all time!!) which is truly an endless income stream for as long as people buy cross-stitch patterns.
27.5 Hours
A super secret project was finished this month, featuring 17.5 hours of work. As it is being purchased as a gift I cannot post the final photos until it is unwrapped and making people squee with glee.
The custom pattern for Miskumi was finished, ooh and ahh! Her original artwork is by Gabriella Ragusi and is exclusive for Miskumi (unless Gabriella changes her mind in the future, of course).
[on deviantART]
Princess Daisy had her beads purchased, with help from PeachesInTheMorning. Peaches expressed to me that she "respects me even more" now that she can see how difficult picking out all the correct beads in matching colors and sizes is! I managed to get matching 11s and 15s in all the color choices except #111 15s. My supplier (the very sweet similarly-named Ashley) is on the hunt for them but I may be able to get away without them. And, of course, I have secured the proper shade of teal for her brooch with Crystaletts!
Peach version is finished [on deviantART]
Daisy will have some pattern alterations - like fixing the incorrect back pattern on Peach - and will have a small flower put around her brooch. These additional pattern changes won't be counted in the final time. Once Princess Daisy is finished I will have a correct timestamp to set my prices at and custom colored versions of this pattern will be available.

Did you know my super power is that I never have to be bored?
Ashley Mae


  1. Making the patriotic ladies into a manikin is a wonderful idea and it looks so pretty, I do plan on doing that Canadian lady one day.

  2. Making the patriotic ladies into a manikin is a wonderful idea and it looks so pretty, I do plan on doing that Canadian lady one day.

  3. Wow, you have that much going on again! I'm really excited for orange Daisy, you know that I'm with oranges almost like you are with pinks ^_^

    I'm also really excited for more princess patterns, even though it will make the choice of which one to stitch first even harder...and I *so* want to do the Zelda one now, once yours is at display at the Item Store I'll have to ge there again and drool over it in person :D

  4. my goodness! So much awesome and I love how you made the pattern into a dress and stand! The super secret gift is PERFECT and I also cannot wait for the screams of glee!