Sunday, June 15, 2014

Mirabilia WIP - Dressmaker's Daughter: Summer

Hey there fellow stitchers,

I was gone for the first half of the week helping my cousin clean up a deep, mysterious closet that she's been shoving random things into for the past several years. We filled three full bags of trash and killed a more-than-my-nightmares-will-enjoy amount of spiders along the way. I did manage to get a peacock Dimensions Gold Collections kit out of the deal, along with a small box of thread, so that's going to be in the mix some day too.

Since I got back I've been working on my modified Mirabilia's Dressmaker's Daughter:
Not the most progressive thing I could be doing with my time in terms of making money, but I am enjoying it fiercely!
Thirty-Seven and a Half hours progress
  Let me start with the background for summer. You aren't missing much here; before this set of photos was just orange, orange, and more orange, and working that orange to the left and right and down and up and again. Each of these photos is one color added: Caron Watercolor green, dark green, white, and two shades of blue. Surprisingly enough, four of those colors I just listed were included in the Winter gown.
  Doing the background, which is to say all that orange and the flowers around it, brought me up to 37.5 hours. Yup! That's just the background time! You would think I would be used to the background eating up over half the actual stitch time on these dresses, but no, no...

  These next four shots are timed as part of the whole, but I don't know what the particular time is for each of them. I prefer to take my pictures when a whole color is done so that the full progress is very visible... in this case it took a bit of doing before, I think, it was really able to be seen. Of course I chose the blue "5"'s on the chart next before I realized they were the main portion of the dress, which left this - my Sunday update - a bit unfinished, and nearly over my Sunday deadline!

  So I leave you with a final photo that will be unposted everywhere else, which is to say I'm not done with my blue 5's and won't post an "official" progress shot until they are done!
Forty-Seven Hours Progress
Until next time, lovelies!
 Ashley Mae


  1. Beautiful progress, I bet this dress will be so much fun to stitch it will be done in no time ^_^ And hey, only one more backgrund to go!

  2. Haha I'm with the others. :) I'm really liking that shade of blue though. And this pattern is soooo appropriate for you since you make those beautiful beaded dresses. :)

    And hey, getting a kit and thread out of all that work is a plus. But not so yay for the spider killing. *shudder*

  3. I knew I'd love this dress, can't wait to see more. You've gotten so much done on it. And YAY for new patterns