Sunday, June 29, 2014

WIP Update: Alicia and Graceful Butterfly

Hello artsy types,

I thought I would have more to update about this week, honestly, I did! What happened was we bought the DLC pack for Pikmin 3 and spent at least two days doing that. That's a third of the week gone! The remaining days were spent on Alicia, the custom bead dress based on GraniteFire's work, and a new xstitch piece, a butterfly with fancy framing.
Let's start with Alicia since she has the most progress but also the most repetitive.

The last time we saw her on this blog I had just started the skirt at 6 hours. The photo to the right shows the current 22 hour progress on her, now fully expanded and gaining the last bit of length to her gown. I'm waiting for GF to get back online so I can check with how the finishing should look (and how many extra rows I should add), but otherwise I'm ready to move to the next step of faux layering, sleeves, and back ribbon. The faux layering is going to be on the front of the apron and probably along the bottom hem of the blue.

The sleeves are going to be a huge project in of themselves. When I did Eumelia's sleeves I had to reverse engineer them as a separate piece altogether because if I started creating them on the dress and made a mistake I could've possibly ruined over twenty hours of work. I suspect I will do a similar process with Alicia's sleeves before attaching the final product.

Unlike Eumelia's painstaking double-weirdness bow that I had to create a whole custom pattern for from some mish-mash instructions, Alicia's bow should be much more doable with regular patterns and shouldn't cause me so much trouble. I suspect by the time Alicia is done she will also be in the thirty-hour range.

The other project I'm working on right now will be for sale when it's finished. It's a butterfly, obviously, though I wish I knew what type. It's a particularly beautifully shaded one too I might add, with ten colors used in the photo to the left to create that perfect gradient. I'm 8 hours and 41 minutes in.

It comes from a Dimensions Gold Nuggets kit. The final piece will have a velveteen mat and gold edging and tassels - quite the extra flourish to be packaged and shipped to a loving home.

Until next time,
Ashley Mae


  1. That butterfly is beautiful! I love the shading. :) And the dress is looking good too. :)

  2. I love both the butterfly and Alicia, it's fun to watch your progress on a dress like this :) Looks like you did have enough beads after all, didn't you? :D