Sunday, June 22, 2014

Much Art Progress: WIP - bead dress and dressmaker's

I don't have a whole lot to say in terms of progress this week (it's the same ol' thing), but I did make significant amount of it!

I finished Summer for Mirabilia's Dressmaker's Daughter just last night:
There's still no beading on it, but if you discount the beading I'm 75% of the way through it! I have to iron it and post the final photos before moving onto Spring.

I've worked my way down past the apron on GraniteFire's Alicia design:
I'm extremely worried about running out of blue beads before I reach the full length. If that happens I'll just have to stop short as I don't want to spend the cost of beads + shipping only to risk the dye lot not matching!

Until next week lovlies,
Ashley Mae


  1. Great progress again. Crossing my fingers you'll have enough og the beads :)

  2. I'm loving that beaded dress you are making for your friend. ^_^ Fingers crossed that you have enough beads.